Certificate of Analysis

Produced: Apr 29, 2022

Cheetah Piss (Flower) // Client: Desert Spirit, LLC

Batch Result: Pass


Batch No.: CP04262201

Src Pkg: 1A4060300008E9C000000137

Matrix: Flower

Category: Inhalable

Sample ID: VAL-220427-008

Collected on: Apr 27, 2022

Received on: Apr 27, 2022

Batch Size: 2268 g

Sample Size: 12 g

Sampled By: Bernard Del Castillo

Received By: Briana Pham


30.73 %

30.73 %


1.53 %

1.53 %

Total Cannabinoids

34.1 %

34.1 %


Zenleaf LLC




Adult-Use - Cultivator License


Desert Spirit LLC




Adult-Use - Microbusiness Temporary License

All LQC samples required by section 15730 of California Code of Regulations Title 4 Division 19 Department of Cannabis Control were performed and met the acceptance criteria. The results reported on this Certificate of Analysis relate only to the sample analyzed.

Results Certified By: Paul Hamrah, MS, PharmD

Lab Director, Verity Analytics

Apr 29, 2022


Verity Analytics // 8888 Miramar Road, Suite 4 San Diego CA 92126 // PH: 1-888-420-4201

CA License #: C8-0000043-LIC

VA/SOP-500.01: Potency Testing with HPLC-UV

Apr 29, 2022

Dry-weight amounts shown

Analyte Detected Pass/Fail
CBDA 0.0723 % N/A
CBDV 0.0393 % N/A
CBG 0.1877 % N/A
CBGA 1.5343 % N/A
Δ9-THC 1.5305 % N/A
THCA 30.7335 % N/A
Total THC
(Total THC = (THCA x 0.877) + THC)
28.4838 % N/A
Total CBD
(Total CBD = (CBDA x 0.877) + CBD)
0.0634 % N/A

VA/SOP-900.01: Terpenoid Testing with GC-FID

Apr 29, 2022

Analyte Detected Pass/Fail
Total Terpenes 2.8757 % N/A
d-Limonene 0.7964 % N/A
β-Caryophyllene 0.6535 % N/A
β-Myrcene 0.5606 % N/A
α-Humulene 0.1741 % N/A
Linalool 0.1691 % N/A
α-Pinene 0.1521 % N/A
(-)-β-Pinene 0.1485 % N/A
p-Cymene 0.1058 % N/A
(-)-α-Bisabolol 0.0934 % N/A
Caryophyllene Oxide 0.0222 % N/A
(-)-Isopulegol ND N/A
1,8-Cineole ND N/A
α-Ocimene ND N/A
α-Terpinene ND N/A
β-Ocimene ND N/A
Camphene ND N/A
cis-Nerolidol ND N/A
Δ3-Carene ND N/A
γ-Terpinene ND N/A
Geraniol ND N/A
Guaiol ND N/A
Terpinolene ND N/A
trans-Nerolidol ND N/A

VA/SOP-400.01: Moisture Content Analysis with Halogen Moisture Analyzer

Apr 27, 2022

Analyte Detected Pass/Fail
Moisture 11.5000 % N/A

VA/SOP-1000.01: Microbial Testing with PathogenDX

Apr 29, 2022

Analyte Detected Pass/Fail
Aspergillus flavus ND Pass
Aspergillus fumigatus ND Pass
Aspergillus niger ND Pass
Aspergillus terreus ND Pass
Salmonella spp. ND Pass
Shiga toxin-producing E. coli ND Pass

VA/SOP-600.02: Mycotoxins Testing with LC-MS

Apr 29, 2022

Analyte Detected Pass/Fail
Aflatoxin B1 ND N/A
Aflatoxin B2 ND N/A
Aflatoxin G1 ND N/A
Aflatoxin G2 ND N/A
Aflatoxins ND Pass
Ochratoxin A ND Pass

VA/SOP-610.01: Residual Pesticides Testing with GC-MS

Apr 29, 2022

Analyte Detected Pass/Fail
Chlordane ND Pass
Chlordane cis ND N/A
Chlordane trans ND N/A
Analyte Detected Pass/Fail
Chlorfenapyr ND Pass
ND Pass

VA/SOP-600.02: Residual Pesticides Testing with LC-MS

Apr 29, 2022

Analyte Detected Pass/Fail
Abamectin ND Pass
Acephate ND Pass
Acequinocyl ND Pass
Acetamiprid ND Pass
Aldicarb ND Pass
α-Cyfluthrin ND N/A
α-Cypermethrin ND N/A
Azoxystrobin ND Pass
β-Cyfluthrin ND N/A
β-Cypermethrin ND N/A
Bifenazate ND Pass
Bifenthrin ND Pass
Boscalid ND Pass
Captan ND Pass
Carbaryl ND Pass
Carbofuran ND Pass
ND Pass
Chlorpyrifos ND Pass
Clofentezine ND Pass
Coumaphos ND Pass
Cyfluthrin ND Pass
Cypermethrin ND Pass
Daminozide ND Pass
Diazinon ND Pass
Dichlorvos ND Pass
Dimethoate ND Pass
Dimethomorph ND Pass
Ethoprophos ND Pass
Etofenprox ND Pass
Etoxazole ND Pass
Fenhexamid ND Pass
Fenoxycarb ND Pass
Fenpyroximate ND Pass
Fipronil ND Pass
Flonicamid ND Pass
Fludioxonil ND Pass
Hexythiazox ND Pass
Analyte Detected Pass/Fail
Imazalil ND Pass
Imidacloprid ND Pass
ND Pass
Malathion ND Pass
Metalaxyl ND Pass
Methiocarb ND Pass
Methomyl ND Pass
Methyl parathion ND Pass
Mevinphos ND Pass
Myclobutanil ND Pass
Naled ND Pass
Oxamyl ND Pass
Paclobutrazol ND Pass
Permethrin ND Pass
Phosmet ND Pass
ND Pass
Prallethrin ND Pass
Propiconazole ND Pass
Propoxur ND Pass
Pyrethrins ND Pass
Pyrethrins Pyrethrin I ND N/A
Pyrethrins Pyrethrin II ND N/A
Pyridaben ND Pass
Spinetoram ND Pass
Spinetoram J ND N/A
Spinetoram L ND N/A
Spinosad ND Pass
Spinosad A ND N/A
Spinosad D ND N/A
Spiromesifen ND Pass
Spirotetramat ND Pass
Spiroxamine ND Pass
Tebuconazole ND Pass
Thiacloprid ND Pass
Thiamethoxam ND Pass
ND Pass

VA/SOP-700.01: Heavy Metals Testing with ICP-MS

Apr 29, 2022

Analyte Detected Pass/Fail
Arsenic ND Pass
Cadmium ND Pass
Lead ND Pass
Mercury ND Pass

VA/SOP-300.01: Water Activity Analysis with Humidity Temperature Probe

Apr 27, 2022

Analyte Detected Pass/Fail
Water Activity 0.4274 Aw Pass

VA/SOP-190.01: Foreign Material Inspection with Microscope

Apr 29, 2022

Analyte Detected Pass/Fail
Imbedded Foreign Material ND Pass
Insect Fragments, Hair, Mammal Excrement ND Pass
Mold ND Pass
Sand, Soil, Cinders, Dirt ND Pass