Certificate of Analysis

* For quality assurance purposes. Not a California compliance certificate.

Produced: Jun 15, 2020

PURE CURE CBD OIL (Tincture) // Client: PURE CURE

Batch Result: Pass


Matrix: Tincture

Category: Edible

Sample ID: BCL-200611-126

Collected on: Jun 11, 2020

Received on: Jun 11, 2020

Batch Size: 1 Units

Sample Size: 1 Units


Results Certified By: Ron Brooks, M.S.

Scientific Director, BelCosta Labs

Jun 15, 2020


BelCosta Labs // 1131 E. South Street Long Beach CA 90805 // PH: (562) 676-4206

CA License #: C8-0000008-LIC

BCL-13: Pesticide Testing by GC/MS

Jun 15, 2020

Analyte Detected Pass/Fail
Captan ND Pass
Chlordane ND Pass
Chlordane cis ND N/A
Chlordane trans ND N/A
Chlorfenapyr ND Pass
Analyte Detected Pass/Fail
Chlorpyrifos ND Pass
Dichlorvos ND Pass
Methyl parathion ND Pass
0.0567 µg/g Pass

BCL-05: Residual Pesticide Analysis by LC-MS/MS ESI

Jun 15, 2020

Analyte Detected Pass/Fail
Abamectin ND Pass
Abamectin Ba ND N/A
Acephate ND Pass
Acequinocyl ND Pass
Acetamiprid ND Pass
Aldicarb ND Pass
Azoxystrobin ND Pass
Bifenazate ND Pass
Bifenthrin ND Pass
Boscalid ND Pass
Carbaryl ND Pass
Carbofuran ND Pass
ND Pass
Clofentezine ND Pass
Coumaphos ND Pass
Cyfluthrin ND Pass
Cypermethrin ND Pass
Daminozide ND Pass
Diazinon ND Pass
Dimethoate ND Pass
Dimethomorph ND Pass
Dimethomorph I ND N/A
Dimethomorph II ND N/A
Ethoprophos ND Pass
Etofenprox ND Pass
Etoxazole ND Pass
Fenhexamid ND Pass
Fenoxycarb ND Pass
Fenpyroximate ND Pass
Fipronil ND Pass
Flonicamid ND Pass
Fludioxonil ND Pass
Hexythiazox ND Pass
Imazalil ND Pass
Imidacloprid ND Pass
ND Pass
Analyte Detected Pass/Fail
Malathion ND Pass
Malathion A ND N/A
Metalaxyl ND Pass
Methiocarb ND Pass
Methomyl ND Pass
Mevinphos ND Pass
Mevinphos I ND N/A
Mevinphos II ND N/A
Myclobutanil ND Pass
Naled ND Pass
Oxamyl ND Pass
Paclobutrazol ND Pass
Permethrin ND Pass
Permethrin cis ND N/A
Permethrin trans ND N/A
Phosmet ND Pass
ND Pass
Prallethrin ND Pass
Propiconazole ND Pass
Propoxur ND Pass
Pyrethrins ND Pass
Pyrethrins Pyrethrin I ND N/A
Pyridaben ND Pass
Spinetoram ND Pass
Spinetoram J ND N/A
Spinetoram L ND N/A
Spinosad ND Pass
Spinosad A ND N/A
Spinosad D ND N/A
Spiromesifen ND Pass
Spirotetramat ND Pass
Spiroxamine ND Pass
Tebuconazole ND Pass
Thiacloprid ND Pass
Thiamethoxam ND Pass
ND Pass

BCL-020: Heavy Metal Testing by ICP-MS

Jun 13, 2020

Analyte Detected Pass/Fail
Arsenic ND Pass
Cadmium < LOQ Pass
Lead < LOQ Pass
Mercury ND Pass

BCL-18: Residual Solvents Analysis by HS-GC-MS

Jun 15, 2020

Analyte Detected Pass/Fail
ND Pass
Acetone < LOQ Pass
Acetonitrile ND Pass
Benzene ND Pass
Butane < LOQ Pass
Chloroform ND Pass
Ethanol < LOQ Pass
Ethyl acetate ND Pass
Ethylene oxide ND Pass
Ethyl ether ND Pass
Heptane < LOQ Pass
Hexane ND Pass
Isopropyl alcohol ND Pass
Methanol ND Pass
Methylene chloride ND Pass
Pentane 38.359 µg/g Pass
Propane ND Pass
Toluene ND Pass
ND Pass
o-Xylene ND N/A
p- and m-Xylene ND N/A
Total xylenes ND Pass

* For quality assurance purposes. Not a California compliance certificate.